An Introduction to the Blogging World

Hi everyone! Before I delve into the realm of book blogging, I figured I would say hello tell you all and mention a little bit about myself. I’ve gone through the basics in my About page, so I’ll go the extra mile and add a few more random facts about who I am.

  • My name is Annie.
  • I have two dogs that are absolutely adorable.
  • I have a twin brother who is also pretty cool.
    • I’m one minute older and I never let him live it down (:<
  • I’m definitely a dog person in general. If I see you and you have a dog in your possession, you better believe I’m gonna pet it...
    • ...unless it's a chihuahua. Those little guys are crazy.
  • If I had to eat breakfast food every day for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content.
  • I took dance classes all through middle and high school, particularly ballet, contemporary, jazz, and (for a few years, to my dismay) tap.
    • Ballet was my favorite; I took pointe all through high school and couldn’t get enough of it!
  • My Meyers-Briggs profile is a mix of ISFJ and ISFP.
  • That being said, I’m definitely not the confrontational type; heated debates in comment sections generally make me uneasy.
  • Of course, love to read and analyze books; however, I usually keep any thoughts or analyses to myself.
  • I started this blog to get out of my comfort zone and actually discuss what I’ve been reading with the world!

Hopefully these little tidbits of information helped you get to know me a little bit better. I can’t wait to start this blog in full swing and crank out some reviews and discussions!

Thanks for reading,

Indoor Sojourner

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